Let us die for Africa – An African perspective on the life and death of John Chilembwe of Nyasaland/Malawi

Cover picture for Let Us Die for Africa

Let Us Die for Africa

By DD Phiri.

Foreword by Professor Emeritus George Shepperson, C.B.E.

An appendix by David Stuart-Mogg, F.R.G.S

And hitherto unpublished photographs

This is a biography of John Chilembwe as seen through the eyes of a fellow Malawian educator. Though his name is generally mentioned in the context of the abortive rising against colonial rule in 1915, he is now widely recognised as a pioneer in the history of modern education in Central Africa.

As Malawi’s first independence fighter, he has become the national hero of Malawi and has been featured on every Malawian bank note.

This book attempts to present, from an African perspective a more complete picture of John Chilembwe’s life and death. Complementing the study is a foreword by world-famous Chilembwe authority Professor George Shepperson and an appendix, in essay form, from Chilembwe scholar, David Stuart-Mogg.

About the author

DD Phiri has published no fewer than 13 books on a wide variety of subjects. A series of five biographies on prominent Malawians, among whom was John Chilembwe, was issued by Longman (Malawi) Limited in the 1970’s under the generic title Malawians to remember. The series was followed by From Nguni to Ngoni, a history of the Ngoni exodus from Natal and Swaziland. His play The chief’s bride was published in the UK in 1968 and shortly after was included in an anthology of great modern plays by the De La Corter Press of New York. The play continues to sell well, especially abroad. His most recent work is What the Achievers Teach about Success published by College Publishing (Pvt) Limited of Blantyre.

Desmond Dudwa Phiri holds an economics degree form the University of London and attended the London School of Economics. Prior schooling was at Blantyre Secondary School, Livingstonia and Loudon (now Embangweni). Although his original home is in Mzimba, he lives mainly in Blantyre where he is Principal and proprietor of Aggrey Memorial School, a distance education college founded by him after retirement from the Malawi Civil Service in 1976.

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