Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa

Cover of Malawi Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa – The revised and enlarged edition

First published in 2002 and having run already to three reprints, this is the fourth, and first revised issue of one of the most popular titles on Malawi. It complements well Central Africana’s own best-seller Malawi, Lake of Stars which concentrates on the history, geography and multi-faceted tourism appeals of Lake Malawi.

In the expanded issue we look at new tourism facilities especially in areas such as Nkhotakota, Majete and Mwabvi Wildlife Reserves. There the broadest range of indigenous animals and accommodation at all levels now exist where ten years ago few or none had survived and tourist accommodation had yet to be built.

A comprehensive photographic coverage by Frank Johnston who, in 1973, coined the epithet Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa for his adopted country, complements an informative text by writer Sandy Ferrar, famed for her interpretations and explanations of conservation themes throughout Southern Africa. Sandy’s descriptions are at all times fascinating and at times border on the intriguing. Virtually no aspect of the country’s environment is left untouched.

The vital role of Malawi’s strong south-eastery wind, the mwera, is explained, in environmental and biological terms, as the true source of the nutrients for the lake’s fish. The dances of the still mysterious kungu fly, which arise from the lake in huge cloud-like formations, are analysed. The need for agricultural diversification, in a country which still relies over-much on its single and erratic tobacco crop, is explained together with much else of interest to visitor and resident alike.

In all this singular book offers a unique compendium of knowledge and photography on one of Africa’s loveliest countries.

About the author

Sandy Ferrar was born in a small town in Witwatersrand mining town just after the Second World War. School in Johannesburg, and an early bent for drama led eventually through private tuition, the Universities of Cape Town and Rhodes to several years of teaching the subject and a brief unhappy affair with professional theatre.

After a bewildering array of occupations, from marketing biscuits to Greek cafes, running her own at gallery, and designing for South Africa’s beach smitten hippies, she found a natural home in radio. While with SABC she learnt the skills of writing, editing, scripting, and drafting.

Sandy has always specialised in transforming indigestible scientific jargon into small-bite language which talent introduced her husband Tony Ferrar. At the time of the first edition of this title he was advisor on wildlife within Malawi’s Ministry of National Parks and Wildlife.
They now live in retirement in the South African lowveld where Sandy also engages in another talent – for pottery and painting.

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