About Central Africana…

CA antiquarian books

Central Africana stocks a wide variety of books, new, second hand and antiquarian, on Malawi and Central Africa

The records and the memories of Malawi ‘s exploration, development and growth start at Central Africana’s galleries and bookshops in downtown Blantyre and Lilongwe . These unique galleries of prints, engravings and maps enhance a comprehensive selection of old, out-of-print and antiquarian books covering the history and the cultures, exploration and development of Africa, Central Africa and Nyasaland / Malawi .

All Central Africana’s own publications and many other modern books on Malawi and Africa are available in these shops which offer the best stock anywhere of printed matter on Malawi and Central Africa:

• Malawi Posters

• Malawi Guidebooks

• MAPS of Malawi & Central Africa, old, new & reprinted, framed and unframed

• 100 different Postcards, greetings cards of Malawi themes

• Prints Of Paintings by Sir Harry Johnston of Zomba and Fort Johnston

• Old Tobacco Prints

• RARE AND SOUGHT AFTER BOOKS ON MALAWI – Green Gold – Trees of Central Africa – Flowers/Orchids – Livingstone’s Lake – Sir Harry Johnston titles – Books by and on David Livingstone – Missions and Missionaries

• BOOKS ON MALAWI TODAY – Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa – Grogan’s Between the Cape and Cairo – Bradt Guide to Malawi – Lonely Planet Guide to Malawi – Spectrum Guide to Malawi – Kachere Series – Society of Malawi publications – Chichewa Dictionaries, Guides – ChiTumbuka/ChiTonga/English Dictionaries – Chilembwe by DD Phiri

• BOOKS ON AFRICAN WILDLIFE The comprehensive range of Struik titles on all aspects of African wildlife, from flowers and spiders to elephants and the big cats

• THE BEST OF MALAWI FICTION by Mpasu, Ng’ombe, Chimombo and many others – Folk Stories – Legends of the African Lakes, Tales from Malawi and the Great Lakes

• Tourism Promotional Videos

• Search Service for rare and out of print titles

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